21 March 2010

Movie releases news

One of Lena's latest projects, The Devil's Wedding, is going to be shown at the Cleveland International Film Festival, March 23 & 27.
Also showing now in USA and Canada is The Red Baron, for more info click here.
Unfortunately you won't be able to see Lena's latest movie Tell Tale on the big screen instead, as we had imagined in fact it will only be released on dvd in the US too and precisely on May 18 and it's currently available for rental at Blockbuster.
Also available on dvd from June 8 is MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday, Lena has a really small part in it and she's really young.

19 March 2010

Luce in the Top 50 Lesbian and Bisexual TV, film, or internet characters

I've received this piece of news from Logo TV: "Luce was chosen as one of the Top 50 Lesbian and Bisexual Characters in the AfterEllen.com poll. Nominations were given by fans, and then a very impressive number of people voted on who they thought were the cream of the crop. The fans have spoken and now Luce is officially a member of the Top 50 Lesbian and Bisexual TV, film, or internet characters!"
Here's the complete list, Luce made it to #8!

Many thanks to Logo TV for letting me know about this!!
And congrats to Lena for giving life to this amazing character loved by so many people around the world!

And Luce also won our poll once again, well kind of, since Imagine Me & You is the movie that made most of you discover Lena's talent! Followed by TSCC and 300, probaly Lena's biggest projects so far. Here are our results:

Imagine Me & You 16 (47%)
TSCC 9 (26%)
300  5 (14%)
Gossip 4 (11%)
The Jungle Book 4 (11%)
The Brothers Grimm  3 (8%)
St. Trinian's  2 (5%)
The Broken 2 (5%)
Aberdeen  1 (2%)
Possession 1 (2%)
Waterland  1 (2%)
The Red Baron 1 (2%)
Remains of the Day  0 (0%)
Band of Gold  0 (0%)
Loved Up  0 (0%)

Thanks everyone for voting!!
3 March 2010

Green light for Game of Thrones!!!

This time we don't need any question mark, it's official: Game of Thrones has been picked up for a whole series by HBO!!! Here's an excerpt from the article by Mo Ryan (same journalist who announced the news of Lena being cast as Cersei) on the Chicago Tribune: 
HBO has given a green light to "Game of Thrones," one of the most hotly anticipated shows the network has ever made. The network has committed to the pilot plus nine additional episodes.
The pilot for "Thrones" was shot in Northern Ireland and other European and North African locations in late 2009. Production will resume in June in Northern Ireland. It's expected that the show will arrive on HBO in the spring of 2011, but no firm date has been set.
HBO's description of the series: "Based on the series of books by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones is an epic struggle for power set in a vast and violent fantasy kingdom."
You can read the full article here and see a first promo pic of the series, no Lena though, but it could be the opening scene of the pilot episode.
As you read in the article, the first season should be made of 10 episodes. 
Now ready for a blond Lena?! :D 
1 March 2010

Green light for Game of Thrones?!

Ok this is getting quite confusing... it's not official yet, but here's the latest news from the Winter Is Coming blog, which reports a comment from someone stating that HBO has unofficially given the pilot the greenlight and is actually preparing for filming the other episodes: 
I can confirm without revealing sources, that the pilot has been given the green light, due to HBO activities in Belfast, booking items and services for the next several years. Services that tie in with the set construction(s), they have been asked for a quote for the next year, invoice has been sent, payment has been made. It is happening folks, and it is killing me that I cannot tell you how I know this and what I have seen. I promise, as soon as they announce, I’ll spill. But they are taking their time doing it, I know they have already approved the pilot, and are already getting things in motion for a first season shoot!
And also HBO on Twitter replied to a fan asking about GoT saying this: 
No news yet on Game of Thrones. As soon as there’s official word it will be announced here and on Facebook. Promise. 
And Winter is Coming notes how they say "as soon as" not "if" as if it was just a matter of time... well this is great news after what we had heard just a couple of days ago!! Let's hope all this turns out to be true... still it's a bit early to celebrate maybe :P
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