26 March 2011

Lena at the Comic Book Sunday

News from Lena's Facebook: 
From Admin: Lena is scheduled to be a part of ComiCast from Comic Book Sunday next Tuesday at 4pm.
They tweeted about this: 
Next Tues!! @triggla & Comic Book Sunday! launch the ComiCast!! First guest will be actor/director Lena Headey of 300 & Game of Thrones :)
This is their twitter and website.
25 March 2011

Game of Thrones "Power" Trailer

Another new trailer from HBO! Now it's just a matter of weeks, are you looking forward to seeing Lena as Cersei?! ^^

Be Lenacreative!

This is an idea I had from J., thank you very much!!
Let's take some Lena screencaps, for example from TSCC or GoT, (it hasn't aired yet so we can get creative with interpretations :P) and use them in a fun way, making captions or speech bubbles, giving the screencap a fun twist or your own interpretation! You can also manipulate the image if you want! Or if you're not that good with photo editing, then you can just use the comments to write captions for the pic you chose! ;)
Here are some shots of Lena as Cersei (the images are taken from Lena's Facebook) you could use, but feel free to use the image that most inspires you! 
You can post your creations in the comments or send them per email ;)

N. 2
N. 3
N. 4
N. 5
And some TSCC caps: 
N. 6
N. 7
N. 8
N. 9
N. 10
N. 11
And also I would like to invite Lenaholics to share their other creations, if you have any fan arts or sketches, drawings that you would like to share, please post it here in the comments or send them via email and don't forget your name or nickname so that I can credit you for the work! All the artworks will be posted on the blog! :)
Hoping to see some Lenacreativity flowing!!!!!!! ^^

Edit: Hey guys thank you for your captions submissions!! ^^ They're hilarious!! Keep them coming!! ^^
And here are two artworks by J. who also got the idea, you rock!! ;))
Click to enlarge
21 March 2011

New Facebook message from Lena ;)

Today Lena left a new message on Facebook!! ;) It's incredible, with all the stuff she has to do and how busy she is, that she takes the time to talk to and thank the fans, that's amazing really!! ^^
I have to say that I feel as if I inhabit a different world to most of you .. PARENTHOOD is a whole other realm .. I never mean to disappear and not update as frequently as I once thought I might.. life is full . Mainly with a small blonde haired beauty .. So forgive me if my communications are inconsistent and too few..
Your support of my work is invaluable and Lori is the greatest buttkicker getting me to keep up with you all.So my heartfelt appreciation for all of you who sign in and hang out on our page ..
Hope your hearts are happy on this rainy night ..
Peace to all ...
And for all the parents out there I hope you get some tonight .... PEACE I mean... !!!! Jeez !! ( I know some of you were thinking otherwise)
Sweetdreams ...
G'night facebookers..
20 March 2011

Lena's original autograph

Thanks to bilbi98 for this news, now you can get Lena's original autograph:
Our signing with Lena Headey has been completed and product will be launched live in the coming week (all pre-orders ship the week of 3/7).  Items include photos from 300, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Games of Thrones and more.  A very limited number of reproduction swords from 300, each signed by Lena with a 'Queen Gorgo' inscription, will also be available.

Lena was a delight to work with, pleasant and charming as she shared stories about past projects, a film she will soon be producing and the possibilities of a prequel to 300, to be produced by Zack Snyder, and her role as Ma-Ma Dredd in the upcoming Judge Dredd film, costarring Karl Urban.  We thank Lena for taking time from her busy schedule, and child, to complete the signing and provide her fans an opportunity to own her genuine autograph for the first time.  We look forward to enjoying her work for years to come!
Details here.
16 March 2011

Loads of GoT clips and news

Lots of news today on Game of Thrones, HBO released new feature vids on the characters and of course there's Lena's Cersei too! Also a new poster with Lena has been released, enjoy all the good stuff!!

Cersei Lannister's Portrait

This is about the House of Baratheon

And about the Lannisters

Source: Lena's Facebook
14 March 2011

GoT: Fear and Blood Preview

Yet another preview, Winter is definitely coming... although not really ;P

11 March 2011

New GoT poster

GoT's premiere date is getting closer and it looks like almost every day we get something new! ^^ This is a new poster, it doesn't feature Lena, but it has Cersei's tagline. Here it is!

8 March 2011

New extended GoT clip!

A new extended GoT clip has been released!!

Source: Lena's Facebook
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