28 February 2011

New GoT Clip

A new Game of Thrones preview clip!! 

Source: Lena's Facebook Page
27 February 2011

The movie "Fair Game"

In 1994 Lena starred in a tv movie produced by BBC and titled Fair Game and now my YT friend bilbi98 told me it's available on YouTube! It's been posted just some weeks ago, probably after airing on tv. This movie is not easy to find otherwise, so enjoy it while it's online!!

This is just the first part, you can find the whole movie on dlmmorris' channel. Many thanks to Bilbi98 for finding this!!

The Short "Inside Out"

This is nothing new, but I thought I'd post this short directed by Charles and Thomas Guard, in which Lena starred in 1999 with Simon Mc Burney. Enjoy it!!

22 February 2011

TSCC re-runs on SyFy Channel!

I've received this email from the Sarah Connor Society, this is great news and a chance to show our interest in a continuation of the show, read all about it:
TSCC lives! SyFy channel has picked up the rights to air all 31 episodes of TSCC! 

Now is our chance folks. They'll be airing it starting on Thurs April 7th in 4 hour blocks. Let's spread the word and get the ratings HIGH! The more viewers mean the better the chances are us getting a movie! 

Check out details in the forums!
Thank you to the Sarah Connor Society for this great news!! 
15 February 2011

New Facebook Message

New Facebook message from Lena for Valentine's Day!
Happy day lovers of the world ... that means all a ya'll ... single or other ...
We are home at last ... so valentines day will be a chill one.
Enjoy ... Be good ;)
9 February 2011

Message from Lena on Facebook

This past sunday, February 6th, Lena left another lovely message for all her fans on her official Facebook page :)
yo !! facebookers ... sorry i have been MIA ... 

South Africa was beautiful and complicated as all interesting places are .

Had an absolute ball on Judge Dredd , playing someone is is broken and damaged , who's heart beats with rage and loss.

On the flip side my heart beats with all consuming love for my son who is the greatest teacher i have ever had.

spent last night with great girlfriends, it was fantastic .. I love LA and all its weirdness BUT i miss the wonderful women in London.

hoping wherever you are whatever you are doing whomever you are with that you laugh hard at somepoint ... even if things are shit.. it  will pass.. 

happy sunday ya'll 

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