26 November 2009

Breaking news on Lena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just thinking about the lack of news about Lena these days, then I've read this on the Westeros.org website today... make sure you're sitting, cause this is huge news: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena's co-star in Game of Thrones, has been interviewed by a Danish tv news site and speaking about the shoot he just dropped this bomb (:-P):

Q: How was it like to work together with an international star like Lena Headey?
A: It was a really good experience. She’s really cute and smart - and she’s also a lot of fun. She was also pregnant during filming, but not so far along that you could see it clearly. But she had to have a stand-in in a nude scene with me

Lena is pregnant!!!! OMG!!!!! I just find it a little untactful maybe of the actor to just mention this thing as it were no big deal; since nothing came officially from Lena or anyone else, she probably wanted to keep the thing private a while longer... I don't know, but well since now it's out there, congratulations to Lena and Pete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! What a gorgeous and badass mom this baby will have!!!! Feel free to comment on the news if you like :o)


Anonymous said...

This is awesome news!! Congrats to Lena

Anonymous said...

Great news. Congrats Lena and Pete.

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