31 July 2011

New Fan Arts!

Some Imagine Me and You Fan Art! If you like it or use it, drop us a line, thanks!! ;) And btw if you would like to contribute, please send in your creations, we'll be happy to publish them! 
Also if you're a fan fiction writer and you would like to share your work with us, we'd be happy to either exchange links or make an affiliation (if you already have a site) or publish your works on the blog! We hope to hear from you guys!! :)

And some funny captions from J.:

You'll find these and more fan arts in our Multimedia section :)

26 July 2011

First Dredd Pic of Lena

The first pic of Lena as Ma-Ma in the Dredd movie!
More details in this article from SlashFilm:
Helmets and Scowling. Could be a new detective show, or a sludgy metal band from Ohio. In this case, those two words are simply the first things that come to mind when looking at new photos from Dredd, which is the second and hopefully superior adaptation of the long-running Judge Dredd comic book series. Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, and Lena Headey star under the direction of Pete Travis. This batch of pics shows us a bit more than we’ve previously seen of the dour and harsh world in which Dredd and his burg Mega-City One exist. Check them out after the break, and see if they make you crack a smile.

Empire has the pics, some of which were scanned by fine readers at SuperHero Hype. That’s Olivia Thirlby as Judge Cassandra Anderson and Lena Headey as the villainous Ma-Ma.
24 July 2011

Piper and Lena to reunite on Covert Affairs?

If they will make it happen, this is very exciting news from the San Diego Comic-Con! As you may know Piper Perabo was there too promoting her show Covert Affairs (check out the pic with Lena in the Comic-Con pics post ;) and from what she said it looks like there's a real possibility that Lena may appear as guest star on her show. Read this excerpt from an article appeared on the website BoomTron:
The San Diego Comic-Con continues and brings with it rumors and hints from Covert Affairs star Piper Perabo about a possible guest appearance from Game of ThronesLena Headey. Perabo said she had been talking with Headey, who was her co-star in the indie comedy, Imagine Me & You, about possibly appearing on Covert Affairs. Besides having her regular role as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, Headey just appeared on White Collar this week.
Piper also talked about a three-way crossover with the other USA shows White Collar and Burn Notice, so Lena could even appear as her character in White Collar, who knows...
Piper has mentioned this possibility a couple of times now and Lena too, so let's keep our fingers crossed for a Lena/Piper reunion! ;)

Dredd Release Date

There's been a bit of confusion about Lena's latest movie, Dredd, release date, it was previously announced it would have been released first in the UK, this December and then a year later in the USA, but it looks like it was a mistake or something as io9.com reports:
We've heard from several people that the December 2011 U.K. release date is not real, and the movie's coming out everywhere in September 2012.
So the movie should be released in theatres across the world in September 2012... that's a long wait! o.O

23 July 2011

White Collar screencaps!

Posted loads of White Collar screencaps (thanks to J. who took them!!) in our Multimedia section, check them out! Here's a preview:

And also don't forget, still only a few days to vote for Lena at the Portal Awards by Air Lock Alpha!

New Facebook Message!

A new message from Lena about the Comic Con in San Diego! The line about going in costume cracked me up! xD
And go to Lena's FB page to check out another new pic of her! ^^
Made the pilgrimmage to starbucks .. Through the hoardes of people yelling my name .. I could barely move !! I'm KIDDING .. No one recognised me (damn .. Next year I'm going in costume )..

As always the con was fun .. Full of dedicated fans .. Nerd vegas .. I do Love seeing the pure delight of people in their element..

The panel was fun .. The fans were awesome..

Though ..

I am SO glad to be nearly home so I can hug the small blonde peanut that makes my days sweeter than I ever imagined..

Hope your weekends are beautiful. If you're still at the con its going to be bonkers

Peace out

22 July 2011

More pics from the San Diego Comic-Con!

Here's a bunch more pics of Lena and the other cast members at Comic-Con, and check out the one with Piper!! :)
Sources: Zimbio, Tumblr1, Tumblr2, EW, Lena Headey Online

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Panel Videos and Pics!!

If like me, you weren't able to go check out the San Diego Comic-Con, here are videos of the full panel!! There's also a short interview on the EW.com website with the cast, but it's just a part of it...
Here below you can also see some pics, one with all the cast and a very funny one (with a TSCC t-shirt!) posted on twitter by one of Lena's friends:


Thanks to Winter Is Coming for the news about the video.
14 July 2011

Lena at the San Diego Comic-Con, July 21st!!

I've just read this tweet from Winter Is Coming, Lena's gonna be at the San Diego Comic-Con:

JUST IN: Lena Headey is now confirmed to join the #GameofThrones panel at San Diego Comic-Con July 21st. #sdcc
Yay! And by the way it would be great to get reports and/or pics from those of you who will be able to go.... ;)

From Lena's FB: The GoT panel and signing are next Thursday. Lena will be at the signing.

No Emmy nomination for Lena :((

The nominations for the 2011 edition of the Emmy Awards have been announced today and unfortunately Lena didn't make it! >.< Why??? :( Anyway, fellow GoT actor Sean Bean also didn't get any nomination, but Peter Dinklage is nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and Game of Thrones is nominated in the category Best Drama Series and the episode Baelor was nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series and the show has gotten several other nominations in other categories.
Too bad for Lena and Sean really, very disappointing, they would definitely deserve recognition for their work! Well... at least we can make them win at the Portal Awards, so please people keep on voting!! 
9 July 2011

White Collar pics!

New pics of Lena in White Collar posted on her official Facebook Page and on the Sarah Connor Society Site!

And if you're wondering why Lena looks all mopey in this last pic, here's why (thanks J.!!!! ;)

Episode 7 of White Collar with Lena should air July, 19. Don't miss it! :)
You can find more pictures (but beware of spoilers!) in the gallery at the Sarah Connor Society!

Source: Facebook & The Sarah Connor Society
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