28 June 2011

Article on Emmy picks for 2011

An article about possible picks for the nomination as "Outstanding Lead Actress" at the Emmy Awards, the official nominees will be revealed July 14, so keep your fingers crossed for Lena till then! ;) According to this reporter Lena is not likely to get the nomination, as she hasn't had enough screen time to be nominated as Lead Actress... unfortunately it's true that Cersei didn't get that much screen time, but let's hope anyway that what counts is the quality not the quantity of the performance! ;P  
Here are excerpts from the article:
The Emmy nominations are just around the corner (July 14, to be exact), so it's time for Tube Talk to bring you our picks of the categories! We've already chosen our favourite Lead Actors in a Drama, so now it's time to assess the women! It's a tough category, but read on to find out who we think should be making the cut this year...[...]
And Lena Headey was super as Cersei in Game of Thrones - complex, cold, calculating and compelling. But the nature of the ensemble drama means she might not have garnered enough screen time for 'Lead Actress'.

New Facebook Message (27/06/2011)

Another very cool and funny message from Lena, with pic too! :D

At the Tim burton show.
I WORSHIP TB .. I wanted to steal all the drawings.
I geeked out peeps
Happy Monday
I have to apologize for my horrible outfit ... It's Monday .. My brain is weekend dead.
I look like a Greek grandma
Pa !

Tubey Awards

Now you can vote for Lena at the Tubey Awards too! Here's a list of all the categories you can vote either Lena or GoT in (thanks J.!), if you're too lazy to vote them all (voting is not made that quick... ¬ ¬) you can just vote for Lena in the category "Favorite Actress"! :)
  1. Best New Show (GoT)
  2. Best Drama (GoT)
  3. Favorite Actor (GoT)
  4. Least Favorite Actress (Lena is nominated here too... ¬ ¬)
  5. Supporting Actor/Actress Most Deserving of a Starring Role (GoT)
  6. Favorite Actress
  7. Best Performance By An Inanimate Object (GoT)
  8. Best HoYay! Couple (GoT)
  9. Best Romantic Relationship (Cersei/Jaime)
  10. Worst Romantic Relationship (Cersei/Jaime)
  11. Best Non-Romantic Friendship (GoT)
  12. Best Family Relationship (GoT)
  13. Worst Crime Against Fashion (Cersei's hair - I have to agree on this...)
  14. Most Egregious Product Placement (GoT)
Click here to vote!! 
And don't forget to vote for the Portal Awards too! ;)
26 June 2011

Vote for Lena at the 2011 Portal Awards

Voting has begun for the 2011 Portal Awards by Airlock Alpha and Lena is nominated in the category "Best Actress"! You can vote once a day per e-mail address, until July, 26!
Here are the detailed rules: "You may vote once per day per email address. Multiple ballots from the same email address on the same day will be quietly discarded. A "day" runs from midnight to midnight in the Pacific time zone. Voting is open from June 26, 2011 to July 26, 2011. Come back and vote each day, but please, just one vote per email address per calendar day."

So "Here little Dove, use my pen" as Cersei would say.... ;P Click here to vote now!

PS. Many thanks to my blog buddy J. for the awesome poster!!! ^^
25 June 2011

New Facebook Note (24/06/2011)

Yet another message from Lena, yay!!! She's totally hilarious!! xD And she tells us that the project she's working on will be revealed by Christmas, uff! ;P
This is gonna sound like I live the high life .. My pal took me to the Korean spa today... For those of you who haven't been .. ITS NOT A LUXURY spa ... These strong tiny women scrub you from head to toe until you have tears in your eyes and the skin of a baby mouse ... ( baby mouse sounded less weird in my head) .... Anyways it was another treat ... Swimming... spa's .... Anyone would think I didn't have a job to go to ... I DON'T ..... not yet :(
Even with the scrubbing it was a throughly enjoyable giggly experience .. When I was standing in the changing rooms with my scraggly hair and red sauna face digging into my locker for my pants .... A lovely lady said " are you the queen in game of thrones " .... " errr yes " I replied ... Standing in my baby mouse skin ... HOW DID SHE KNOW !!!! Funny and slightly embarrassing. ...
Anyone ELSE who wants to share naked stories ... COME ON ITS FRIDAY ...
Wishing you a happy/drunk/dirty/peaceful weekend...
Ps. My "" project" will be revealed by christmas ... Ah ha !! Patience face bookers ( it's a shitty virtue I know )
23 June 2011

Facebook message 22 june

Here's Lena's latest FB message!!
Face bookers .. What about the f'in DRAGONS ... Holy fuck balls!!!
Emilia Clarke was glorious .. Sophie turner as sansa brought incredible depth to the character in one of my favorite scenes with Joffrey on the roof with the severed heads (my SCREEN son is such a little shit ;) ...
Happy to report I had a glorious lazy morning, I think the first in 15 months ... I swam (not my pool..) my divinely gorgeous pals lemme sploosh around and then fed me lunch ... I am still smiling. Wylie had a swimming lesson .. Well a splashing toy chewing 20 minutes .. Then home, dinner and pre bed snuggle (a perfect end to a perfect day)
I have a new project that is steaming along. I wanna share it so badly .. I am so EXCITED ...BUT I must practice patience and restraint (it's SO hard) soon I can burst and share (hopefully) great news....
I hope your day was bright good peeps.
Sweet dreams...

Game of Thrones Screencaps & more

Some Game of Thrones goodies, now that the first season is over: first, episode 10 screencaps, courtesy of J.!! Thanks!!

And this is a Cersei wallpaper from the GoT page on FB!

Finally, let's take a look at how you voted on the GoT poll, most of you love the show!
Here are the results:
Love it! I'm already hooked!     12 (54%)
Very good!      6 (27%)
Not my type of thing, but I will watch it for Lena     4 (18%)
Don't like it!      0 (0%)

Thanks for voting!!
20 June 2011

Loved Up!!!!

Great news from my blog buddy J., who found a download link for Loved Up! Please note that the file is on a third party site, we haven't uploaded it, but it worked for us, however please understand that we can't take any responsibility for the file :)

Here's the link for download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W82TRB2B, which you can find in the description of this video below.

Article: The Powerful Women of Westeros

Did you like Game of Thrones' season finale?? Here's an article about the strong female characters that populate this series! Of course they mention Cersei, here's the excerpt ;)
There is, of course, another powerful, golden-haired woman without a gentle heart in Game of Thrones. There are intriguing parallels between Daenerys and Queen Cersei; the forced marriages, the sheer strength of will, and the attitude of utter ruthlessness toward their enemies. Much like Daenerys in her marriage with Khal Drogo, Queen Cersei exercised her own greatest power in her marriage to Robert Baratheon: her ability to conceive children. Bloodline and succession is the quickest, surest way to assert strength in Westeros, and Cersei made the decision to have hers with Jaime, not Robert. The fact that Robert died without a true heir in place is Cersei's greatest power—and greatest revenge.

It's easy to hate the cold, manipulative Cersei. But there was a time, not so long ago, when she was a lot like Sansa Stark: young, hopeful, and betrothed to a man who, in the end, never offered the her life she wanted. Cersei knows how to use Sansa so skillfully because she herself was once used, in a similarly politically motivated marriage, benefitting both the Baratheons and the Lannisters at the expense of her own personal happiness. Cersei has overcome the limitations Westerosi society has imposed on her by strategy and treachery, and though she's far from sympathetic—this is, after all, a woman who had a boy pushed out of a window to protect her secret affair with her brother—it's not impossible to understand how she became the cold-hearted woman she is.
Source: The Atlantic.com

New Facebook Note (19/06/2011)

Another cool message from Lena!! ^__^ Love what she says about Game of Thrones! :D
Two things...Happy fathers day dads of the world!!
AND ...last ep of the THRONES adventure tonight. Don't be sad.. This is the case where things can only get better... And darker and more dangerous... And MORE corrupt.. I promise you an even more fantastic 2nd season.. And I will drop small clues as to what's happening as we shoot!!!
Enjoy tonight lovers
Sweet Sunday to ya'll
19 June 2011

GoT: "Fire and Blood" Season Finale tonight on HBO!

Ready for the season finale of Game of Thrones?! What could possibly happen?! To find out tune in to HBO tonight! Filming for season 2 will start on July 25 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Here's an article from the LA Times with an interview to Weiss and Benioff about season 2, of course if you'd rather have no spoilers at all, you'd better not read that ;P

As 'Game of Thrones' nears its finale, show runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss talk about Season 2

Madden The first season of “Game of Thrones” comes to a close this Sunday, having won over many viewers who wouldn’t normally immerse themselves in fantasy. It's also left some fans — those who hadn’t already read George R.R. Martin’s books — shellshocked by the brutal deaths of a few major characters (some more beloved than others).

HBO has granted the show a second season, sending show runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss back to Belfast, where they are furiously working on adapting a script from the second book of the saga, “A Clash of Kings.”

They spoke by phone about which characters will reappear in Season 2 and the near-impossibility of creating a cable series out of books that depict an increasingly complex, epic world.

[Spoiler alert: If you don't want to read any discussion of the next season, avert your eyes now.]

There are some big shifts between the first book and the second — different characters, new locations, huge battle scenes and new elements like ... dragons. How closely are you sticking to the book?

Weiss: The book is always going to be our template, our go-to bible. It's mainly about the balancing act between keeping the characters the viewers have spent so much time investing in front-and-center and introducing all these new characters George has come up with and giving them their fair share. That's what we're currently engaged in doing.

So you’re still rewriting?

Benioff: We're definitely still rewriting. You start out with your dream scenario, and then the hard reality hits you and you make adjustments. We're still in that adjustment phase. There's a lot of writing and a lot of casting still. Most series if you get second season you're done with most of the casting. With the second book and the second season, a whole slew of characters make their appearances.

Weiss: I'm sitting here looking at our casting grid, which is a grid of names and faces of all the characters. Last year I remember being so excited as I'd watch week after week — it gradually fills in and finally ... you have this beautiful wall of faces that represents your cast. Now I'm looking at the grid again, and half the people are gone because they've been massacred wholesale. And now there's a grid to be filled in again with a new group of people.

Benioff: Luckily it's a big enough cast that the people we're attached to ... the whole top row is all people we know.

Weiss: It’s different people in the top row, but the whole top row is people we know, and almost the whole second row.

Benioff: We should keep a ghost wall up.

Weiss: The dearly departed. But eventually the dearly departed will be bigger than the cast.

There have been a lot of deaths in the first season. Our recapper has been keeping a tally of deaths and breasts — and often it’s an uneven number of breasts.

Weiss: Depending on our costuming choices, it could be more uneven still.

Benioff: That’s an inside joke. One of the characters visits the Meereen, and the fashion in that city in that book is that women wear one-breasted gowns. But we're not sure if we're going to replicate that.

Benioff The first season has inspired a fair amount of conversation about gender in the series — whether there’s too much nudity for its own sake, whether or not you should show rape. Have you been engaging in any of that?

Benioff: In rape? Very, very little.

Weiss: Has Lars Von Trier taught you nothing?

Benioff: I was not aware ...

Weiss: It's not that we're interested [in the conversations], but we've been so up to our eyeballs in it that we haven't had time to do what comes naturally to us, which is to sit and read about our show.

Has Martin been giving you feedback, and will he continue to be involved to the same degree?

Benioff: He’s writing an episode for the coming season, which is probably the heaviest, the Battle of Blackwater Bay. Now that we're on the ground here in Belfast and working with the visual effects team and production team that's going to create the sets, we have to talk to George about what that looks like. He's just as involved as in Season 1. He'll watch casting videos from afar, and meanwhile we get responses to the episodes.

Weiss: After each episode we get a report card.

Benioff: And he's been kind enough to let us read his new book ahead of time, which is great. It's good to be the envy of fanboys.

That could be dangerous.

Benioff: I don't carry it with me.

Weiss: So it's not on your iPhone?

Benioff: It's terrifying to think if we ever made it that far how we'd attempt to shoot some of the stuff he's got coming up in future years. Something to worry about many, many years from now ...

Even in Book 2, aren’t there huge battles and dragons?

Benioff: We used to say when we pitched it to HBO, if we get to that point when we have to make those decisions it's a great problem to have because it means we got a second season. Now that we're actually here, it doesn't seem like such a great problem — it's a terrifying problem, and we are daily trying to figure it out. We want to get in as many dire wolves and dragons and massive naval armadas. So it's about where and how to do it and how much to show....

What will happen to the major characters who remain mostly out of the action for Book 2? Will you keep the actors on retainer?

Weiss: In the book there are a couple of characters who have more of an offscreen role and come back in Book 3. But in the case of, say, Robb Stark — played by Richard Madden — he has more of an offscreen presence in the book, but Richard did such a fabulous job once his character came to the fore, he so commanded the screen that we realized there's no way to talk about this guy and not have him in the show. So there are people offscreen in the book who we are going to write onscreen in the show to make sure people who viewers have fallen in love with are still there in the second season.

Benioff: In the case of Jaime Lannister, he's got one scene in the second book, but he's such an important character we want to see more of him. There's fluidity in that certain scenes from the third book find their way into the second season just as certain scenes from the second book find their way into the end of the first season. We wanted to make sure those characters stayed in the audience's mind and didn't disappear for a whole year.

Presumably Martin is open to compromises, since he’s talked about his own experiences of working in TV?
Weiss: Yes, it’s a relief because it would be heartbreaking to have somebody who did what George did on the world-building front who didn't understand what it meant to adapt that to television and was agonized over every change.

Benioff: Did we tell you the story about [Martin’s experience as a TV writer on], I think it was “The New Twilight Zone”? He had written a scene with knights battling on horses at Stonehenge, and the director came to him and said, 'You can have the horses or you can have Stongehenge.' That's how we frame things: Sorry, we wish we could do all this, but we have to make a horse/Stonehenge choice.

Weiss: I don't remember George's choice in the original story, but I hope it was Stonehenge.
18 June 2011

Short movies news: "Vacancy" on Vimeo & "No Verbal Response" on iTunes

Great news from my friend bilbi98, who's an expert at finding Lenaholic stuff on the web: the short movie Vacancy is available on Vimeo!!!

Second news, if you're interested in another cool short movie with Lena, No Verbal Response is available on iTunes USA, for only 1,99$!!! You can find a 3 minutes-long excerpt from the short on our Multimedia page, taken from Chemistry, the Piper and Lena Fansite's Media/Videos/Lena section!
16 June 2011

Free Beer! The Stars of Game of Thrones Pick Their Sigil, Issue Royal Edicts

A nice and funny article with questions to the cast of Game of Thrones, including Lena, read on! ;)
It's been a bloody and arduous journey, but the Game of Thrones cast has emerged from their first season unscathed, although we can't say the same for the characters they played.
Going into the finale Sunday (9/8c on HBO), the actors reflect on how difficult it is living in the Seven Kingdoms and beyond. So TVGuide.com asked them to weigh in on two very important Westerosi subjects:
1. What personal sigil would best represent you?
2. If you ascended to the Iron Throne in modern times, what would your first ruling as king or queen be?
So here are their answers, which arrived via raven, naturally:
Mark Addy as King Robert Baratheon, aka "The Usurper"
Sigil: It would be a gryphon, a creature with the body of a lion and a head of an eagle. I don't know why, but to be attacked by one of those would be pretty horrible.
First ruling: Free beer for everyone. Absolutely!
Sean Bean as Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark, aka "The Hand"
Sigil: Two crossed swords because it represents my football team, Sheffield United. That's their badge. The team has been relegated, by the way.
First ruling: Sheffield United gets promoted next season.
Lena Headey as Queen Cersei Lannister, aka "Blonde Ambition"
Sigil: A big wooden sailing ship with a busty maiden shouting, "Ahoy, mate!!"
First ruling: Everyone has a limitless shopping day where they can go wherever they want, buy whatever they want, and no one asks if you want store credit.
Nicolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister, aka "The Kingslayer"
Sigil: A pint of milk.
First ruling: Fawlty Towers marathon on all networks.
Kit Harington as Jon Snow, aka "The Bastard"
Sigil: I immediately thought of one but it's not very cool. I'm a Capricorn. A Capricorn is a mountain goat isn't it? So I think that I'm a goat. I don't know, but it feels like it should be a wolf now honestly after doing this show. God knows what it was before, but now it's a wolf.
First ruling: I don't know.  My mother would probably choose!
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark, aka "The Lost Stark"
Sigil: I wouldn't have a wolf because I'm not that strong, I'm not that powerful. I'd maybe have a ballerina because ballerinas have such grace and they also have strength within them, so that's probably me. I'm much stronger than Sansa is at the start but also I'm kind, caring I suppose. I'm Grade 7 ballet at the moment.
First ruling: No homework!
Maisie Williams as Arya Stark, aka "Boy"
Sigil: A turtle because they can go on land, they can go in sea. They're my favorite animal. They're really cute and they can grow up really big. They've got different types of turtles, there's snapping turtles and really cute ones, like, tiny ones. There's a good variety of them, and you never get bored.
First ruling: I would ban school uniforms for everyone, all over the world. They're so frustrating. At our school we have a thing called summer uniforms, and you're not allowed to take your jumper off when you're outside so you get really, really hot and our school uniform is black, so it's horrible. If you ban school uniforms then everyone could wear what they wanted to wear and you wouldn't get hot.
Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo, aka "My Sun and Stars"
Sigil: A lion. It's the king of the jungle. Have you ever seen a lion up close? Drogo walking with a gigantic lion. It's pretty rad.
First ruling: Free beer and free sex for everyone -- free love that is. Back to the '60s, man. And no clothes ... except for Mark Addy!
Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, aka "Moon of My Life"
Sigil: I would be an element -- water. Because as an actor you have to be changeable and water can be so many different things. Deep, like water. (laughs) We could go on for hours. The metaphor just keeps on going!
First ruling: There will be music playing in the streets, joyful, happy music. Reggae!
Harry Lloyd as Viserys Targaryen, aka "The Dragon"
Sigil: I would love to say dragon because they are clearly the best sigil in Game of Thrones. But for me it would probably be something small and nocturnal. A bat? Dunno why.
First ruling: A two-week house party in Buckingham Palace.
George R.R. Martin, author, aka "A Cruel and Savage God"
Sigil:  Probably something like a quill pen for a writer or something like that would be appropriate. But way back in the 1980s, I won the Hugo Award which is the biggest award for science fiction fantasy and it's shaped like a silver rocketship. I won two of them in a single year which no one had ever done before.  And so for a while, my now wife, then my girlfriend, Paris, would make me these sigils of two crossed Hugos instead of crossed swords.
First ruling: Everybody has to get HBO.
Who has the best sigil and first ruling?
The Season 1 Game of Thrones finale airs Sunday at 9/8c on HBO.
Source: TV Guide
15 June 2011
14 June 2011

Game of Thrones Season Finale Preview

We've come to the end! Sniff! The last episode was quite surprising, wasn't it?!
And here's the promo for the last episode of the first season of Game of Thrones!
11 June 2011

Lena nominated for an Airlock Alpha Award

Lena has been nominated for an Airlock Alpha Award in the category of Best Actress for Game of Thrones! The show itself has earned lots of nominations for these awards, so keep your fingers crossed! All the details about the awards here. And fans can start voting online starting June, 25!
Here's the article and some of the nominees:
'Game Of Thrones,' 'Fringe' Lead 2011 Portal Awards

It's summer time, and that means only one thing. It's time for the Porties!

Airlock Alpha announces the 2011 Portal Award nominees, with 15 television shows, five movies and some of the biggest names in the genre competing for a spot in the winner's circle of the 12th installment of the awards.

Leading the way are both a newcomer and a fan favorite: HBO's "Game of Thrones" and Fox's "Fringe." Both received seven nominations, including Best Series/Television.

They were followed closely behind by "Doctor Who" with six nominations, "Stargate: Universe" with five nominations and "Caprica" with four. Rounding out television nominees were "Warehouse 13" with three nominations, "The Walking Dead" and "V" with two, and both "The Cape" and "Smallville" with one.

Of those 10 shows, only half will return for eligibility next year, since the others were either cancelled or simply ended their runs.

On the movie side, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1" led the way with seven nominations including multiple Best Actor and Best Actress nominations, and Best Movie.

"Inception" and "Thor" had three nominations each, while "The Adjustment Bureau" and "Tron: Legacy" earned one nomination each.

Elisabeth Sladen, who passed away this past spring after becoming an icon in the Doctor Who franchise, receives her first shot at the Gene Roddenberry Award, which honors lifetime achievement. She was nominated along with "Super 8" director J.J. Abrams, former Star Trek torchbearer Rick Berman, "Star Trek" mastermind Gene L. Coon, and author H.G. Wells.

Five classic television shows are trying to reach a hall of fame of their own with the Rod Serling Award. Looking to join a class that includes the original "Star Trek," the original "Twilight Zone," the original "Doctor Who" and last year's winner "Star Trek: The Next Generation" are "Babylon 5," the original "Battlestar Galactica," "Quantum Leap," "Space: 1999" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

Fans will have a chance to choose from each category once per day for 30 days beginning June 25 right here at Airlock Alpha.

The Portal Awards, formerly known as the SyFy Genre Awards, were first handed out in 1999, and have since attracted hundreds of thousands of ballots from genre fans from all over the world.

Here are this year's nominees:

BEST ACTOR/Television
Sean Bean, "Game of Thrones"
Joshua Jackson, "Fringe"
Andrew Lincoln, "Walking Dead"
Eddie McClintock, "Warehouse 13"
Matt Smith, "Doctor Who"

Karen Gillan, "Doctor Who"
Summer Glau, "The Cape"
Lena Headey, "Game of Thrones"
Paula Malcomson, "Caprica"
Anna Torv, "Fringe"

David Blue, "Stargate: Universe"
Robert Carlyle, "Stargate: Universe"
Peter Dinklage, "Game of Thrones"
John Noble, "Fringe"
Saul Rubinek, "Warehouse 13"

Apotheosis, "Caprica"
The Doctor's Wife, "Doctor Who"
Epilogue, "Stargate: Universe"
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, "Fringe"
Winter Is Coming, "Game of Thrones"

BEST SERIES/Television
Doctor Who
Game of Thrones
Stargate: Universe
The Walking Dead
Source: IMAY Fansite

Game of Thrones 1x08 Screencaps

And here are the screencaps for episode 8! Thanks J, as always!!! :)
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