23 May 2010

New movie for Lena

In a recent interview Thomas Dekker, Lena's co-star in TSCC, revealed he has written a screenplay for a thriller movie called Sick which will have Lena play the lead role, here's what he said: 
I've written a screenplay with her to play the lead role. It's actually called Sick and it's about a woman who's married with a daughter. Things consistently terrible keep happening to her and you slowly realise she's bringing it on herself. It's sort of a question of why. It's a pretty psychological thriller. It's a hard role but she's good enough to tackle it.
He also talked about the experience of working on the TSCC set: "We were all mad on that show and tired constantly, Lena and I were two badly behaved children so that was what you had to watch out for, constantly getting into trouble and playing games."
Lena already starred in another movie written and directed by his friend Thomas, called Whore. Let's hope to get to know more about this project soon! 
You can read more and check the video interview here.
19 May 2010

Old Scratch: new movie with Lena

There's a trailer out there for a new horror movie titled Old Scratch, which reunites Lena and Thomas Dekker, once again directed by Rob Hall who also worked on TSCC. I'm not really a big fan of this slasher movies, I prefer thrillers like The Broken, but Lena seems to enjoy acting in them! ;))
So there you have it, thanks to my buddy SVgal for the heads up and the IMAY fansite for the trailer :)

4 May 2010

Thomas again on TSCC movie

More news on the TSCC movie, Thomas was asked about it when he was in San Francisco on the first of May promoting another movie and he says it's happening!! Watch this clip to hear it for yourself! Thanks to Dekker_daily!

Now we also know that from June or end of June Lena should be on set for Game of Thrones, but maybe right after she could be working on a TSCC movie?! Who knows... busy times ahead for the new mommy! Thomas Dekker seems pretty sure and convinced about what he's talking about, so maybe this time it will really happen!! :) They would probably focus a lot on the future scenes, especially if the budget allows that, so now we have to see how much of Sarah will be in the movie, hopefully a lot! Anyway this is great news, let's hope to have it confirmed anytime soon! All you Lenaholics and Saraholics out there keep your fingers crossed!! ;)

Source: Dekker_daily
1 May 2010

TSCC dvd movie?!

It seems like there might be hopes for a TSCC dvd movie, Thomas mentioned it once again when presenting his latest movie, Nightmare on Elm Street, here's the video from the Sarah Connor Society:

It's definitely good news that Thomas is talking again about this project, now that the rights have been acquired by Pacificor maybe things are changing?! Who knows... 
In a recent interview Summer was asked about a possible DVD movie too and here's what she had to say:
PW: Thomas brings up a possible movie on the season two DVD commentary -- what are your thoughts? 
Summer: I heard there were ideas of doing that – we certainly had an awesome idea for season three that carried the storyline from season two, but was a stand-alone arc as well. I could absolutely see us be able to do a film with the same characters. I’ll never give up hope on that. I know that everyone would absolutely come back.
You can read the full interview here.
Let's keep fingers crossed we certainly need more TSCC and Sarah Connor!!!
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