26 November 2009

Breaking news on Lena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just thinking about the lack of news about Lena these days, then I've read this on the Westeros.org website today... make sure you're sitting, cause this is huge news: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena's co-star in Game of Thrones, has been interviewed by a Danish tv news site and speaking about the shoot he just dropped this bomb (:-P):

Q: How was it like to work together with an international star like Lena Headey?
A: It was a really good experience. She’s really cute and smart - and she’s also a lot of fun. She was also pregnant during filming, but not so far along that you could see it clearly. But she had to have a stand-in in a nude scene with me

Lena is pregnant!!!! OMG!!!!! I just find it a little untactful maybe of the actor to just mention this thing as it were no big deal; since nothing came officially from Lena or anyone else, she probably wanted to keep the thing private a while longer... I don't know, but well since now it's out there, congratulations to Lena and Pete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! What a gorgeous and badass mom this baby will have!!!! Feel free to comment on the news if you like :o)
20 November 2009

TSCC Behind the Scenes

Since there are not many news (*sighs*), let's take a look at some interviews and  behind the scenes on the set of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on the videos page. This special took place during filming of the third episode of the second season of the series. Lena's interview, who was not on set, is in the second segment, it's part of an interview featured on the website of the German channel Pro7, you can find the full interview here (check out Lena's face expression at the very beginning, so cute and funny!! Makes me lol :D). Enjoy!
18 November 2009

Dvd news

The dvd of the movie Tell-Tale will be released in Germany on the 28th of January.  There will be two versions, a shorter version and the extended x-rated version which will feature about 4-5 minutes more for a total of 89 minutes. You can already pre-order the dvd at different online stores and the dvd will be available for rental on the 17th December, so for anyone living in Germany the wait is almost over.  This is definitely good news, since now we have a release date for this movie, but being the dvd released so soon in Germany it means it's won't probably make it to theatres over there. 
So let's just wait and see then what happens with the movie overseas. 
Other dvd releases news: St. Trinian's with Colin Firth, Rupert Everett and Lena as Ms Dickinson will be released in the US on January, 26th.
And Season Two of The Sarah Connor Chronicles is currently out on dvd in the UK. 

16 November 2009

Game of Thrones wrapping up

Shooting for the pilot of Game of Thrones is almost done, the crew and the author are currently filming the last scenes in Morocco. Probably though these scenes do not include the entire cast, so Lena might as well be already back in Los Angeles. So until March there are not going to be many updates about this pilot, which will go to post production and then be viewed by HBO executives.
Let's hope for the best then. Recent speculation has it, that if everything goes well, filming of the first season might begin next summer, so the series could air maybe at the beginning of 2011... seems like a really long wait!
For now let's just keep fingers crossed ;)

10 November 2009

The Cave

Why a post on The Cave? For anyone who lives in Italy, since the movie in which Lena stars alongside friend Piper Perabo will air on the Italian tv channel Italia 1 on Saturday 14th at 22:55. This is a somewhat epic movie, only for the fact that Piper and Lena met on the set of this flick and became close friends, so it kind of paved the way for the wonderful Imagine Me & You... :-P But if you ask the girls they're not to thrilled to be reminded that they were in that movie, check out this interview tidbit: 
Q: So you two met on “The Cave…” 

PIPER: Why do you have to start there? You want to talk about “The Cave”?  We choose not to even acknowledge the fact that we were in “The Cave.”
LENA: We were injected.  And we woke up in a cave.
PIPER: No, it helped.  Don't you think it helped?
PIPER: I mean, I wanted to do some good acting with Lena.
LENA: We actually wanted to speak to each other.
PIPER: Yeah, we were like, “do you want to run some dialogue?”  Before we go jumping into caves?  

You can read the entire interview here. They're also asked about The Cave in the interview for Imagine Me & You featured on the US dvd edition that you can find here.
Now it's time they show Imagine Me & You too... not that I haven't seen it already a million times but still it's lovely to have Lena on tv! And just a few days ago the same channel aired 300! :o)
9 November 2009

News updates

The rights for distribution in the USA and Canada of  the movie Tell-Tale, of which you can see a poster and a trailer in the previous post, have been acquired by Genius Products and Alliance Films, as the sites Screen Daily and Bloody Disgusting reported today, so the movie should be out soon.
As far as the other project Lena is involved in, Game of Thrones, there's an interesting article at the Tower of the Hand website in which the author gives us reasons to hope that the series not only will be picked up but also sets out to be one of next seasons tv big success. Meanwhile shooting continued in Northern Ireland, precisely at the Castle Ward, as Winter is Coming reports. A fan took a sneak peek at the location, filming had already been done, but he could take a look at some of the stuff used for filiming, some of which used for Lena's character, Queen Cersei. On Thursday the author will move to Morocco and the crew possibly with him, though the scenes that are to be filmed in Morocco may not feature all the cast.
8 November 2009

HBO decision on GoT by March

There haven't been any big news regarding Lena Headey in the past few days, but about the pilot she's working for, we learned through Martin himself, the author of the books the pilot is based on, that HBO will make a decision on whether or not to produce an whole series out of it in March at the latest. Though some reports say it's unlikely that they'll decide before that. He reported that during the books signings in Belfast a couple of days ago (you can see a video here). There are also rumours that there might be a 2 seasons order from HBO right away if the pilot gets greenlit, though this news has to be taken with a pinch of salt, since these days, as we learned from TSCC, "no show is ever safe", so better take one step at a time and hope for a first season. I haven't read the books so I don't know if Lena's character, Cersei Lannister, will be in every season, but I also prefer not to investigate that yet, as it would be too spoilerish;-P
Also from the Winter is Coming blog we learn that shooting in Northern Ireland will go on til lapproximately the 11th of November, so just a couple of days more and then the production moves to Morocco. So far locations for shooting have included Doune Castle in Scotland, the Tollymore Forest Park, Cairncastle, Castle Ward and the Paint Hall (Belfast, for some of the interior scenes) in Northern Ireland, check this page for pics.
On a side note, maybe you've also noticed that Lena's IMDB profile has been updated with a picture, finally! The site does look different so maybe it's because of that or maybe because of a possible further boost of popularity thanks to the buzz around Game of Thrones... ?!
4 November 2009

Tell-Tale Poster and Trailer

A new poster for Lena's latest movie Tell-Tale has been recently published, apparently the movie is still seeking for distributors in the USA. Shock till you Drop reports: "A Tribeca Film Festival entry, Tell Tale is a film without a home. Even with Ridley and Tony Scott on board as producers, this loose take on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" still awaits a U.S. release even though it has shored up distributors all over the world. What's the problem - the movie isn't good. It's silly and dry.
Nevertheless, a domestic one-sheet has been whipped up showcasing stars Josh Lucas, Brian Cox and Lena Headey. Lucas plays a man who gets a heart transplant which puts him on the path of a murder mystery."
Here's the new movie poster:

There's also a new trailer in which you can see more of Lena than in the  clip previously released. Lena plays the doctor that takes care of the daughter of the protagonist's (Josh Lucas), who eventually falls in love with her. Let's hope we'll see this movie soon...

3 November 2009

Small update on Game of Thrones

A very small update from the Winter is Coming blog, fan at the signing in Belfast with author George R.R. Martin and part of the cast (not Lena! :-P), reported this: "We also heard that Lena Headey is doing great work as Cersei and her performance was nailing the character from the books superbly."
I had no doubt she would nail the character, how great an actress she is! Can't wait to see her!!!
2 November 2009

Lena Headey Quotes

  • “Working in film lets me travel, which is one of my passions. I like to visit remote places and see real people.” 
  • "For every film I’ve always relied on an ability to access real feelings. I don’t know any other way. That’s probably why some directors think I’m too intense."
  • "I feel like my career has been like an elastic; I've almost had the big breakthrough role so many times and then been back to where I started. I've given up thinking, 'This is it,' as it makes you dizzy, so I'm just going to do what I do and if things happen then they happen."
  • "I'm ambitious, but I don't necessarily equate success with being a huge Hollywood star. The dream is to have both a long career and a normal life." 
  • From Bruch with Bridget: - Bridget: "So, this is a hard hitting interview. I want to know first: How come you are so awesome?" - Lena: "Awww, that's nice. Um, I was just born awesome."
  • "The cinema for me is such a therapy. Even a silly movie- the lights go down and for that hour and a half you’re kind of lost. I love that. And to give people that experience- movies that move you, or make you laugh, or scare you, it’s just such a joy." 

    Filming continues in NI

    Since the filming of the Game of Thrones pilot moved to Northern Ireland there have been less updates, as filming locations are more secluded than in Scotland. Filming nonetheless continues, a new pic has leaked of a guard's costume, which you can see over at the Winter is Coming blog. So unfortunately there are no particular news on Lena, but while we wait for more juicy details (hopefully!), you may click here to read what G. R. R. Martin had to say about the casting of our favorite actress.
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