25 June 2010

Ask Lena a question!!! :-)

The IMAY fansite webmistress is doing a Q&A with Lena and you can send in your question for her, don't miss this great chance!!!
Go here for all the details!
15 June 2010

TSCC and GoT News!!!

There are some great news for TSCC fans! It seems like a DVD movie or maybe a proper movie is possible and people are thinking about it, all the actors are ready to get back on set, once again thanks to my buddy SVgal for the news, read all the details at the TSCC wiki.
As you all know Lena already gave birth and she's currently working on the set of Game of Thrones, so after that she might be available, although she still has a small baby to take care of ;)
And the other news is about Game of Thrones, there's a page on the HBO site with a short trailer, there's no Lena in it... but it's still good to see it's all happening!
Here it is:

8 June 2010

New (funny) interview of Lena

Stacie Ponder, Lena's good friend had a chat with Lena a couple of days ago, as she was so kind to take part to an episode of Stacie's Space Girls, she lends her voice to a... spaceship  =)) I haven't watched it yet, but it should be fun!
You can read the interview on Stacie Ponder's blog and view the clip here ;)
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