20 June 2011

Article: The Powerful Women of Westeros

Did you like Game of Thrones' season finale?? Here's an article about the strong female characters that populate this series! Of course they mention Cersei, here's the excerpt ;)
There is, of course, another powerful, golden-haired woman without a gentle heart in Game of Thrones. There are intriguing parallels between Daenerys and Queen Cersei; the forced marriages, the sheer strength of will, and the attitude of utter ruthlessness toward their enemies. Much like Daenerys in her marriage with Khal Drogo, Queen Cersei exercised her own greatest power in her marriage to Robert Baratheon: her ability to conceive children. Bloodline and succession is the quickest, surest way to assert strength in Westeros, and Cersei made the decision to have hers with Jaime, not Robert. The fact that Robert died without a true heir in place is Cersei's greatest power—and greatest revenge.

It's easy to hate the cold, manipulative Cersei. But there was a time, not so long ago, when she was a lot like Sansa Stark: young, hopeful, and betrothed to a man who, in the end, never offered the her life she wanted. Cersei knows how to use Sansa so skillfully because she herself was once used, in a similarly politically motivated marriage, benefitting both the Baratheons and the Lannisters at the expense of her own personal happiness. Cersei has overcome the limitations Westerosi society has imposed on her by strategy and treachery, and though she's far from sympathetic—this is, after all, a woman who had a boy pushed out of a window to protect her secret affair with her brother—it's not impossible to understand how she became the cold-hearted woman she is.
Source: The Atlantic.com


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