22 February 2011

TSCC re-runs on SyFy Channel!

I've received this email from the Sarah Connor Society, this is great news and a chance to show our interest in a continuation of the show, read all about it:
TSCC lives! SyFy channel has picked up the rights to air all 31 episodes of TSCC! 

Now is our chance folks. They'll be airing it starting on Thurs April 7th in 4 hour blocks. Let's spread the word and get the ratings HIGH! The more viewers mean the better the chances are us getting a movie! 

Check out details in the forums!
Thank you to the Sarah Connor Society for this great news!! 


Anonymous said...

will there be a season 3?

CB said...

It's hard to say, as of now there are no plans for a third season... but maybe if the show does well on SyFy, something could happen... :)

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