9 February 2011

Message from Lena on Facebook

This past sunday, February 6th, Lena left another lovely message for all her fans on her official Facebook page :)
yo !! facebookers ... sorry i have been MIA ... 

South Africa was beautiful and complicated as all interesting places are .

Had an absolute ball on Judge Dredd , playing someone is is broken and damaged , who's heart beats with rage and loss.

On the flip side my heart beats with all consuming love for my son who is the greatest teacher i have ever had.

spent last night with great girlfriends, it was fantastic .. I love LA and all its weirdness BUT i miss the wonderful women in London.

hoping wherever you are whatever you are doing whomever you are with that you laugh hard at somepoint ... even if things are shit.. it  will pass.. 

happy sunday ya'll 



Anonymous said...

Awesome, this is a great blog :)

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