25 March 2011

Be Lenacreative!

This is an idea I had from J., thank you very much!!
Let's take some Lena screencaps, for example from TSCC or GoT, (it hasn't aired yet so we can get creative with interpretations :P) and use them in a fun way, making captions or speech bubbles, giving the screencap a fun twist or your own interpretation! You can also manipulate the image if you want! Or if you're not that good with photo editing, then you can just use the comments to write captions for the pic you chose! ;)
Here are some shots of Lena as Cersei (the images are taken from Lena's Facebook) you could use, but feel free to use the image that most inspires you! 
You can post your creations in the comments or send them per email ;)

N. 2
N. 3
N. 4
N. 5
And some TSCC caps: 
N. 6
N. 7
N. 8
N. 9
N. 10
N. 11
And also I would like to invite Lenaholics to share their other creations, if you have any fan arts or sketches, drawings that you would like to share, please post it here in the comments or send them via email and don't forget your name or nickname so that I can credit you for the work! All the artworks will be posted on the blog! :)
Hoping to see some Lenacreativity flowing!!!!!!! ^^

Edit: Hey guys thank you for your captions submissions!! ^^ They're hilarious!! Keep them coming!! ^^
And here are two artworks by J. who also got the idea, you rock!! ;))
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Anonymous said...

caption for N.4
Cersei turns to Catelyn and says, "If you were married to THAT, wouldn't you rather screw your brother?"

caption for N.11
Thomas says, "He who smelt it, dealt it."


Anonymous said...

pic #8
Sarah:"Hey, it wasn't for my cooking that you ask me to marry you..."

Anonymous said...

"The Queen is not amused!"
"I look at you and I think, how can I crawl into bed with you...sober?"
"Jeez, girls...I told you he was a dwarf."
"Your man is mighty scrumptious. Wanna trade?"
"What do you mean, not tonight?"


CB said...

Thank you guys for your submissions!!! They're great LOL!! And thanks again J. for this cool idea!!
Keep 'em coming!!! ;))
Thanks!! ^^

Anonymous said...

pic #6
Sarah:"Ha-ha. I know she's not a real girl. So what?"

"Mustache? What mustache?"

John:"So, Mom, where did you sleep last night?"

"This phone sex job pays how much an hour? Plus extra for accents. Yeah, I can do accents."

Sarah:"John, stop whining. No one likes a whiner. And get a hair cut."

Thomas:"Whoa. Where was I when you two hooked-up?"

Anonymous said...

"How come you don't have to have a Princess Leia hair-do?" asked Cersei

"Sometimes you can be a real wanker, John."

Anonymous said...

picture #6 Cameron
"Officer, please don't arrest my Mom. She's off her meds & gets confused. She tells people I'm a killer robot from the future."

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