26 October 2011

"Pete Smalls Is Dead" Trailer

Here's another trailer out for 'Peter Smalls Is Dead'. It stars Peter Dinklage. Lena has a small part in it playing a character named Shannah.

Two things: the voice over guy doing the trailer mispronounces her name (Head-Lee?). The end credits misspell her name (Heady).
Seriously!?! Still??? Come on people... it's not rocket science!!! Is Headey really THAT hard to spell and pronounce? So, here's a little video, from like 2 YEARS ago!, to help you out. Thanks, imayfan!
Headey... Rhymes with Speedy!!! See, not THAT hard!!!

(I know, right!?!)


coldeadfish said...

Seen the vid before (still amazing!), but the graphic! Omg, had me ROLLING!!

Seriously, folks. It's annoying enough when talk show/celebrity news reps get it wrong, but TRAILERS?! And BTS interviews?!! These things have PAID editors! Who hired these people??! *facepalming!*

Corpsicle said...

This post reminds me of a certain rabid fangirl who was visibly anticipating my mispronouncement of Ms. Lena's name so that she can jump on me with her leet knowledge, but ha, I pronounced it correctly.

J. said...

Glad you liked the graphic. I could not resist!!!

'Rabid fangirl'??? Wasn't me, was it? Nooo... I would never ;)

CB said...

If you're unsure, just call her by her first name ;P

Anonymous said...

Wow! Funny!!! I'm in tears.

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