10 September 2011

New Facebook Message From Lena

Saturday brought us an update from Lena via her Facebook page. She's back in the states to attend the Emmy Awards with the Game Of Thrones gang. All together, the show received 13 nomination. I'm pulling for Peter Dinklage to win for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. The awards show airs live Sunday, Sept. 18Th on Fox.

Also, check out her new profile photo...

Beautiful as ever!!!

September 10 Update

by Lena Headey on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 11:01am

Sorry lack of communication.. Home for a blink and quite as little sleep.. Wylie seemingly producing vampire canines ..

Off to the Emmys on Sunday and I have to say these things are not really my bag .. BUT I have borrowed the dress of my dreams (think I may have mentioned) .. Anyhoo it arrived yesterday and I have tried it on 900 times .. Its a piece of art and I am one lucky momma ...

Off to do a quick rewrite .. Borrowing computer (borrowing a lot right now it seems) .. I left mine in Belfast and ran for the plane.

Re thrones : its so exciting .. All the storylines all the new cast.. I am thrilled with the development of Cersei .. The crazy is surfacing ..

Hope ya'll are having great weekends.

I am going to Mr Thomas Dekker's tomorrow.. To watch Angels Crest which I am slightly dreading (only for the weeping which will no doubt ensue) .. Also proud as punch of my beautiful pal..

Enjoy your loved ones my sweet facers

Can not wait to see this dress!!!

And here's some info on the movie 'Angels Crest' with Thomas Dekker....

Angels Crest (2011)
A small town is divided after a young boy freezes to death during a fishing trip, and a local prosecutor goes after the father.

Click here for more about this movie.


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