4 November 2011

New FB Message from Lena

Lena Headey:
I am packing up my suitcase for my last Belfast stint....
Am very much looking forward to getting back and REALLY unpacking my bags for the first time in 4 months...
Have been in a wee bit of a haze...
Hiking and hanging and obsessing about American horror story.....
Watching parks and rec.. Maybe... Just one day.... MAYBE I can do a little funny .. Somewhere..
Please tell me none of you have begun Christmas shopping... What is with the pumpkins next to the reindeer.. I don't dig.
Y'all dig?
Oh... In case any of you were in the slightest bit curious.
Wylie was a wolf.. He wiped his nose and whiskers off in a matter of seconds... But he growled and kept his ears on...

Peace peeps

I would love to see Lena doing comedy. In my head I can picture her and Piper Perabo doing a movie version of 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

What about you? What would you love to see Lena do next?


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