31 May 2012

Screencaps: GoT 2x19 'Blackwater'

Game Of Thrones Season 2 episode 19 'Blackwater'
Apologies. Went on vacation and forgot to post a sign. Sorry the screencaps for this episode are so late. Added a screenshot of the 'Wildfire' explosion because it was              SO FRIGGIN' COOL!!! =D> applause
And drunk Cersei. How awesome was that! :x lovestruck I want to go drinking with her!!! She'd probably start a brawl and cut someone. :(fight) fight But I'm okay with that. :-)/\:-) high five
So, now that the Big Battle episode is over, I hope they turn the lights back on. The screencaps don't come out so great when the picture is dark...
One more episode left. I feel the withdrawal symptoms starting already. As Cersei would say, "Drink." 
X( angry  ~X( at wits' end  :(( crying


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