13 August 2012

Lena in 'Band Of Gold'

A walk down memory lane...

(clip from: series 2 episode 2, Kiss)
In 1996 &97 Lena was part of the cast of a UK TV show called 'Band Of Gold'. She played a prostitute name Colette who specializes is S&M. Also in the cast were Cathy Tyson as Carol, Geraldine James as Rose, Samantha Morton as Tracy, and Barbara Dickson as Anita.
If you've never seen 'Band Of Gold', do yourself a favor, head over to youtube and watch the whole series. Click on UKTVBOXBog, they has all 18 episodes uploaded. Lena appears in Series 2 and the first 2 episodes of Series 3.

Band Of Gold (1996), Series 2 episode 1 Hustling

Go and check it out before youtube yanks them!!!


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