5 September 2012

Lena Interview in The Irish Times

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Check out this excellent Lena interview by Tara Brady for The Irish Times titled: 
'I Couldn't Be Less Queenly In Real Life'

“Nothing I do is by design,” admits a cheery Headey. “It’s always the result of a happy accident. I didn’t have a career plan. It has just become the way it is. It’s all good fun. It’s learning. I don’t think of the background when I am reading stuff. I don’t think about genre. If I like a character, if it intrigues me, that will be the reason that I jump in.”
  “I love being physical but I am extreme either way. I can be superfit. And then I can be really lazy and ignore everything. I am finally getting back into being fit. I love being physical when I am working. There is something visceral about that. I get a kick out of that. Cersei in Game of Thrones is quite solid and stiff. So it’s great to move when you can.”
  “I am very much a seat-of-the-pants actor. I will prepare when I have to. But I like being unprepared. Being too prepared doesn’t work for me. Sometimes it’s fulfilling. There are days you walk away and say, ‘Well, I did everything I could.’ But I am still terrified every time they say action. There is a part of me that lacks self-confidence. I couldn’t be less queenly in real life.”
“Our designer is amazing,” says Headey. “By the time I put on the wig, the corset and the belt that squeezes out your lungs, I’m already uncomfortable and slightly angry.”  {the Game of Thrones' designer.}

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Its a good informative interview but I did notice a mistake. When talking about Lena's tattoos, Tara Brady writes that Lena has, "the actor Jason Flemyng’s name in Thai on her wrist". That's not true. Lena had his name in Thai on her upper arm. Then later had it covered. She has the name Loughran tattooed on her wrist. And since that is also her son's name, there's no real reason to have it covered, right? 


Anonymous said...

Loved Lena's answers, and the writing was dece, but wow, was this article not really thoroughly researched! There were a bunch of weird mistakes: the tattoo thing; Lena played a different character in The Superhero Squad; Ultra never made the pilot cut; Lena's said that calling her a boxer is a joke. (Though that part may have changed since '07?)

Anonymous said...

And, yeah, I know how totally obsessed I am being able to fact-check the entire article without having to refer to anything. LENAHOLISM ITS ONLY A PROBLEM IF YOU THINK IT IS.

J. said...

I happily embrace my Lenaholism and heartily beg for more!!!

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