17 January 2010

The Red Baron to be released in the USA

Good news for the American Lenaholics: The Red Baron is going to be released sometime this year in the US too, as announced on the FirstShowing.net! The movie produced in Germany will be distributed by the indipendent studio Monterey Media. On their official website the movie is listed under the section "Coming Soon", there you can also read some really positive reviews. In Germany the movie was released to theatres in April 2008 and it is available on dvd and blu-ray. If you haven't yet, check this movie out, it is really good overall and there's an amazing and very intense performance by Lena. She has a pretty important role as the nurse Käte, with whom the red baron Manfred von Richthofen played by Matthias Schweighöfer, falls in love. 
Here's the movie trailer:

You can also find the trailer on the Apple website under the category "Indipendent". Even if it's an indipendent movie (though with a budget of about 18€/22$ million is of one the most expensive German movies ever made), let's hope it will get a good theatrical release! And if while you wait you want to check out a little music video I made, go to the videos page :)


Jack said...

I have seen the movie "The Red Baron," and it is a fine movie. I love it and predict it may do well in the United States. He is portrayed as a real person with the kinds of doubts and feelings we all might have. The costumes and the planes were fabulous. Well worth watching on the big screen. I hear it is being released now in select places and the DVD will be available to purchase in the U.S. in June.

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