4 May 2011

Update on Facebook :)

From Lena on her Facebook page! :)
Happy hump day peeps ..

Having an morning (after young sir's 5am wake up... Yes this is his internal alarm... Hoping that changes) laze watching steve carrels last office ep .. Crying like a big ole baby.. Overtired.

Really REALLY jonesing for a LARGE bag of salty fries and a sweet grande coke (sleep dep is not unlike a hangover I'm beginning to realize) ... So far resisting temptation, though I can't take credit ... Its just laziness. Burger teleport... Now there's a business idea !

Prepping for desperados shoot ... Getting my shit together .. TRYING to get my shit together .. So excited to create some HILARIOUS fabulous comedy .... I have some wonderful actors .. Hallelujah !!!

Hope ya'll have a wonder filled wednesday ...

Salty swEet treats rule !!




Rosa said...

I love her <33333

Btw, CB, can you write a post asking Lena fans to vote for Lena in AfterEllen's Hot 100???

CB said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting!
I put a link on the sidebar to remind people t vote! I will also post something before the poll ends! ;)

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