8 September 2010

More on the TSCC movie news

As you can see two posts below, a fan commented on the TSCC movie news, here's what they said:
My friend was there when the aforementioned inquiry was made to Summer, and she had a very different take on Summer's statement. In my friend's retelling, Summer simply expressed a continued lingering sadness about TSCC's premature cancellation last year (we're all bitter with you, Ms. Glau!) and that while folks, including actors BTS, are still trying to keep efforts alive, things obviously become more difficult as actors get attached to other long-term projects (like Lena and Summer getting new TV gigs), which really is sort-of a given.
I was honestly freaking out a little when talking to my friend, but she hastened to remind me that it took Firefly two years for their fans to get Serenity and four years for Farscape fans to get their continuation. It really is a very exceptional thing for a series to have an actor and producer (BAG & James Middleton) openly talk about their active dedication to a fictional property and, moreso, a willingness to financially back a continuation.
So, keep the hope alive! SAVETHESCC.COM ! :D:D:D
Thanks R for the info on Summer's statement!! :) IIm relieved to read this! Let's hope we'll hear more news soon, in the meantime as R said, check out the website for more info on what you can do to help get the show back in some way ;) The link is also on your right!


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