13 September 2010

Sneak peek at Game of Thrones!!!

Ok finally we get to have a glimpse of how Lena will look like in Game of Thrones! \:D/
First a preview, called Raven, where you can catch Lena at about 0.37:

And this is a promotional Making of video featured on the official Making of Game of Thrones Blog:

It's just a couple of seconds, so I've also made some screencaps! It looks like she's wearing a wig though, I thought she had dyed her hair.... :-/ :-?  Anyway I've only seen her in these frames... :-" let me know if I missed something! ;) 
And feel free to share your thoughts about this preview if you'd like! ;)

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Coldeadfish said...

The queen: She is SMOKIN'!

(I'd have more substantial commentary, but since I've yet to read the books, so I don't have much more to go on. :P)

EXCITED AS ?,!'&?@!

Aninha Delfino said...

I'm a big fan of Lena Headey, would love to contact her I will love it. success lena want you to be very happy to know that you have a Brazilian fan who loves you very much, will always be with you kisses of his fan nests!

Crybaby said...

Hi Aninha!
I've just published a new fan mail address, which you could use if you want to contact Lena ;)
Lena Headey
PO Box 1037
Cary, NC 27512

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