12 January 2011

Lena cast as villain in "Dredd": confirmed!!

This news has been mentioned by different websites just a couple of hours ago, it looks like Lena got a new role and as for Game of Thrones, she'll be playing a villain! The news has yet to be confirmed, Lena also left a message on her Facebook page today, but didn't mention that, which is normal anyway if she still hasn't signed anything. This is still reported as a rumour, so nothing is sure about it. If this is true that's great news, cause this seems to be a pretty important project and similar to 300 it is a movie from a comic book. Anyway this is the article from the MTV Website:
When Karl Urban suits up to play Judge Dredd in director Pete Travis' "Dredd," he'll be going up against the fiercest enemy the Terminators have ever known: Sarah Connor.
Well, not literally Sarah Connor, but the actress who played her on television. Judge Dredd Movie News (via Bleeding Cool) reports that "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" star Lena Headey is joining the cast of "Dredd" as the film's villain, Madeline Madrigal.
The scarred Madrigal, also known as Ma-Ma, is a gang leader who presides over the Peach Tree City Block in Mega City One. Bleeding Cool reports that nearly all of "Dredd" takes place in this location as part of "an extended action sequence not too dissimilar, I guess, to the Die Hard paradigm."
No official announcements have been made regarding Headey's casting, so take her involvement with "Dredd" as nothing but a rumor for right now. But unlike many of the rumors we hear running around the comic book movie mill, Headey's potential casting is something that we can absolutely get behind. She was wonderful in her supporting role as Queen Gorgo in "300," and she's looking equally impressive in HBO's upcoming "Game of Thrones" TV series.
And let's not overlook "The Sarah Connor Chronicles." We never expected any actress could take Linda Hamilton's place in our hearts, but Headey delivered a compelling turn as the robot-batting heroine that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Hamilton's performance. If Headey really is joining the "Dredd" cast, consider us on board.
Article by Josh Wigler
Update: The news has just been confirmed!!!!!!!! :)) All the details here.

Source: The Playlist, MTV News


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