10 August 2011

August 6 Facebook Message and More Comic Con Stuff

Sorry I'm late on this... new message from Lena :)
Anything Amy Pohler, tina fey, Kristen Wigg, Will Arnett say or do or told me to do (I should be so lucky) .. I would do .. Without question... SO ..Imagine my joy when I read that Will Arnett let's his kid watch dora the explorer whilst eating ( watching tv seems to guarantee that peak food intake is reached... Thus ensuing a long and restful night for all) .. I'm just saying that there are things you think you'll never do or say ... Until you are in a position to really experience it .. So big up to Dora the explorer ... Olivia and the wonder pets ... You make mealtimes a little easier ...

I'm off to bed having read the comedy issue of GQ ... Thankyou Will Arnett ... For who knew that besides being married to and being yourself a comedic gem .. You would share your parental taboos and make us all (me) feel better ..

Friday night ramble ... Parental and completely sober ...

Over and out ya'll ....

Hope your weekends are dirty ... ;)

I'm sure you've already have, but check out more Comic Con pics from the IMAY fansite, I'll just post this, another one of Lena with Piper!

And also check out another video from ComicCon, thanks to the IMAY fansite for all the good stuff!


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