8 December 2011

Lena Caption: 300 - No One Insults The Queen!

300 (2006)

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Love Gorgo... She was fierce! =D> applause

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Update: June 18th 2012
Changed the caption for the first panel of '300 - No One Insults The Queen'. Credit goes to Joe for using the comment section to contribute his idea. Thanks, Joe. I added your name to the picture.
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Michelle said...

Gorgo whispers into Theron's ear:
"You mess with the bull, son, you get the horns."

Kim said...

She should say...
"You picked the wrong girl to fuck with, Tiny!"

Joe said...

1st panel
Theron: "Behold, the Whore Queen. She offered herself to me. If I were a weaker man, I'd have her scent on me still."
That way it goes with panel #3. You know what she's talking about. Just in case you haven't seen the movie or remember the scene.

Anonymous said...

Gorgo totally kicks ass! All hail the Queen!

J. said...

Trust me, Joe, I wanted to go there! But thanks for the comments and caption ideas. All will be considered. Maybe in the future, we'll get the okay to go a little naughty...

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