22 December 2011

Lena's Facebook Message: "May I wish you all a very merry Christmas. "

Lena Headey:
Jet lagged but eating so much home cooked food.. So all things in balance.
I gave gifts to folk from the great organisation PLAN USA. It supports children and women All over the world to make safe, independent and educated lives for themselves.
I was dreaming of White Christmas.. Indeed let's go so far as to day that I had edited a complete short film of us sledging down snowy Yorkshire slopes as soft White flakes catch in our woollen hats... The reality is.. It's SUNNY.. IN YORKSHIRE.. AT CHRISTMAS... I could weep but I won't.. I shall instead be thankful for health and family.
Radio 4 is on and my ma is cooking up another dinner for tonight. ..I wonder if you all fall back into parent/ child familiarity when you visit home.
Wylie has been up from midnight till two am with more energy than a thunder cat (a cartoon superhero cat in vibrant lycra, for those of you who are under 40)... Ah hem.... ( I am still a Wee bit under )
SO to conclude.
May I wish you all a very merry Christmas. I send you all love and peace and for those of you away from your families... You are missed and truly loved.
May I wish you health and happiness.
I hope for the world a stronger united compassionate 2012..
Thank you all for your kind words and lovely support this year
Lena xx


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