10 November 2009

The Cave

Why a post on The Cave? For anyone who lives in Italy, since the movie in which Lena stars alongside friend Piper Perabo will air on the Italian tv channel Italia 1 on Saturday 14th at 22:55. This is a somewhat epic movie, only for the fact that Piper and Lena met on the set of this flick and became close friends, so it kind of paved the way for the wonderful Imagine Me & You... :-P But if you ask the girls they're not to thrilled to be reminded that they were in that movie, check out this interview tidbit: 
Q: So you two met on “The Cave…” 

PIPER: Why do you have to start there? You want to talk about “The Cave”?  We choose not to even acknowledge the fact that we were in “The Cave.”
LENA: We were injected.  And we woke up in a cave.
PIPER: No, it helped.  Don't you think it helped?
PIPER: I mean, I wanted to do some good acting with Lena.
LENA: We actually wanted to speak to each other.
PIPER: Yeah, we were like, “do you want to run some dialogue?”  Before we go jumping into caves?  

You can read the entire interview here. They're also asked about The Cave in the interview for Imagine Me & You featured on the US dvd edition that you can find here.
Now it's time they show Imagine Me & You too... not that I haven't seen it already a million times but still it's lovely to have Lena on tv! And just a few days ago the same channel aired 300! :o)


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