1 April 2011

New Facebook Message :))

Here's a new fantastic new message from Lena, isn't she adorable?? :))) A year ago her little Wylie was born, happy Birthday!!! And yes time does fly... o.O
Hey ya'll..
Wylie was a year old yesterday .. I can't believe the time has gone so fast.. Make the most of everyday, even if it feels tough and things are shitty.. Go to some exercise class that you think is ridiculous.. Pole dancing class will lift those spirits ladies ( and fellas).. See a movie that you never usually would... Ahhhhh I'm just a little tired and seriously concerned that time really does fly..When someone offers you a compliment..TAKE IT!!! End of cheesey but genuine blah..
My son is glorious, the weather is beautiful. I'm writing and creating my own stuff which makes me truly happy.. I can't wait to share it with you soon...
Have a wonderful weekend .. Be good to your sweet selves.


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