23 July 2011

New Facebook Message!

A new message from Lena about the Comic Con in San Diego! The line about going in costume cracked me up! xD
And go to Lena's FB page to check out another new pic of her! ^^
Made the pilgrimmage to starbucks .. Through the hoardes of people yelling my name .. I could barely move !! I'm KIDDING .. No one recognised me (damn .. Next year I'm going in costume )..

As always the con was fun .. Full of dedicated fans .. Nerd vegas .. I do Love seeing the pure delight of people in their element..

The panel was fun .. The fans were awesome..

Though ..

I am SO glad to be nearly home so I can hug the small blonde peanut that makes my days sweeter than I ever imagined..

Hope your weekends are beautiful. If you're still at the con its going to be bonkers

Peace out



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