2 July 2011

New Facebook Message! (01/07/2011)

Lena left a new note on Facebook yesterday, describing her night with friend Thomas Dekker :D and wishing the US Lenaholics a happy 4th of July!

So happy 4th to all of you out there... I cooked dinner for my pal Thomas Dekker (some of you may have heard of him;))last night ... I thought it would be an early eve .. (What am I?? Is this my first rodeo ?? ) It was a LATE night, a very funny night .. But I'm too old for this .. My brain is the size of 1000 year old peanut., I want to drink coca cola and weep into my pillow until night brings its cool relief and I can begin again in a new dawn ....

IDIOT !!! It was SO fun though.
I wish you a merry giddy 4th with no rookie mistakes
Mwah X


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