28 June 2011

Article on Emmy picks for 2011

An article about possible picks for the nomination as "Outstanding Lead Actress" at the Emmy Awards, the official nominees will be revealed July 14, so keep your fingers crossed for Lena till then! ;) According to this reporter Lena is not likely to get the nomination, as she hasn't had enough screen time to be nominated as Lead Actress... unfortunately it's true that Cersei didn't get that much screen time, but let's hope anyway that what counts is the quality not the quantity of the performance! ;P  
Here are excerpts from the article:
The Emmy nominations are just around the corner (July 14, to be exact), so it's time for Tube Talk to bring you our picks of the categories! We've already chosen our favourite Lead Actors in a Drama, so now it's time to assess the women! It's a tough category, but read on to find out who we think should be making the cut this year...[...]
And Lena Headey was super as Cersei in Game of Thrones - complex, cold, calculating and compelling. But the nature of the ensemble drama means she might not have garnered enough screen time for 'Lead Actress'.


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