13 February 2012

Six Degrees of Lena Headey: Oscar's Best Actor Nominees

Six Degrees of Lena Headey
How big of a Lena fan are you? How many of the actors up for an Oscar this year can you connect to Lena? You can use up to six other actors to link the Oscar nominee to Lena. Good luck & have fun!!

Here are the 2012 Academy Award nominees for Best Actor:

Here are the blog's connections. Don't peek if you're making your own list. Or just pick different actors to make the links to Lena. There are more than one.
(Update: an asterisk * has been placed next to the winner's name.)

Best Actor:
1. Demián Bichir + Penélope Cruz (Don't Tempt Me) Penelope + Lena (Twice Upon A Yesterday)
2. George Clooney + Jennifer Ehle (The Ides Of March) Jennifer + Lena (Possession)
3. *Jean Dujardin + Melvil Poupaud (Lucky Luke) Melvil + Lena (The Broken)
4. Gary Oldman + Mark Strong (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) Mark + Lena (The Long Firm)
5. Brad Pitt + Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds) Michael + Lena (300)

The 84th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars) will air on Sunday February 26, on ABC.


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