30 October 2009

Lena in Game of Thrones

After Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles prematurely wrapped up (damn! If you want though you can support the fight for a Season 3 or a dvd movie) Lena is sticking to TV and joined the cast of Game of Thrones, which is an adaptation of the books by George R. R. Martin. Lena is going to play yet another royal character (after the tough Greek Queen  Gorgo in 300) Cersei Lannister, the Queen of the House of Lannister, married to King Robert with a secret affair with her twin brother Jamie.
The news about her being cast was confirmed on September, 1st by the Chicago Tribune.

They're currently shooting the pilot episode in Scotland and Northern Ireland, other locations should also include Morocco.

Updates on the pilot shooting can be found here.

More news and details coming up...


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