1 December 2009

Update on Game of Thrones

Hope you've recovered from the big news of the last days, which by the way hasn't been confirmed... although it would be pretty weird now if it wasn't true!
Anyway if you're interested in Game of Thrones you might want to check out the wrap up party pics that the very author of the book has just published on his blog...
You won't find Lena though as most likely she wasn't there at all, and all her scenes had already been shot in Scotland and Northern Ireland. 
Moreover in a message in reply to this post, as the Westeros website reports, Martin's partner pointed out that HBO's final decision about the pilot may occur late March... that means a longer waiting than expected, we'll have to work on patience... because it's indeed unlikely that we'll see the start of the series for January 2011.
"Hang in there baby" will be our motto then:-P


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