13 December 2009

Brief updates

Small update on Game of Thrones, although it's just a rumour for now, Winter is Coming reports that Bear Mc Creary, a name familiar to all TSCC fans, is interested in working on the score for this series! Here's what he had to say about it:
"Yeah, I’m aware of that series. It would be fun to score, wouldn’t it? Well, some vocal fans would always make any attempt easier.
[...] Well, I certainly did tons of Arabic inspired music on Battlestar Galactica, Medieval and Renaissance would be fun I guess, although harmonically that music is pretty limited. But, no one from Game of Thrones is banging down my door at the moment, so don’t anyone get their hopes up here."
I love the TSCC soundtrack, this would be a bit different, but it would be definitely great if he should get involved in the project. HBO come on, go for it!!
Talking about TSCC fabulous soundtrack, check out my friend SVgal's channel on YouTube to watch some amazing TSCC vids based on Bear's music :)
On a less 'serious' note, if you were wondering what the Lena's Holiday cocktail looks like, here's a picture that a member of the Sarah Connor Clan found on the internet.


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