3 December 2009

Lena cocktail?!

Ok, there's not much to talk about these days, but I've found this article; apparently someone working on the set of TSCC spoke to Lena about the perfect cocktail and it turns out he made a cocktail in her honour, check it out:

"Anyway, she [Lena] was once describing her dream cocktail, one that some London Barman had attempted to make her. 'It would have Pear and Cucumber and lot's of vodka of course. And something else ...' Her charming English accent drifted off into contemplative silence. I, of course, was up for the challenge and tonight you can walk into the Allston Yacht Club (1320 Echo Park Ave LA 90026 213.481.0454) and get yourself a Lena's Holiday. It is our best selling drink."
And here's how to make it:

Makes 1
Peel, seed and chop 1 hothouse cucumber. Put in a blender with a knob of peeled Ginger and 2 cans of Pear Nectar (like Kerns). Blend and strain. Makes enough for about a dozen drinks.
2 oz Vodka
1 oz St Germain (Elderfolower Liquer)
2 oz Pear/Cuke blend
Shake with Ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a cucumber slice.

So this Lena-inspired drink became their best selling cocktail, if you happen to be at that place you can try it out... :-P


tsccitfan said...

I definitely need to try this out :D

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