10 February 2010

Terminator rights acquired by Pacificor

More Terminator news. I'm not sure how much this has to do with Lena herself, as she's now involved in a new tv project, but anyway the rights to the Terminator franchise, including the tv series, have been bought by Pacificor, as Deadline Hollywood reports, you can read the full article here.
What this means for TSCC and whether it could be brought back to tv or if a direct-to-dvd movie will be made to give it a proper conclusion is still unclear... so as always let's just wait and see! If you feel like voting and supporting TSCC you can go over to the SciFi Squad website and suggest that they bring back the tv series ;)
With all these TSCC news it's time to enjoy a fabulous TSCC vid, so go to the videos page for a new fantastic Sarah Connor vid by SVgal!!
Update: Sony and Lionsgate are trying to get a deal with Pacificor to be involved in the making of the future Terminator movies, read more on The Los Angeles Times


fig-aruna said...

The CREDITOR got it?!?! WOW. I mean, I guess it makes total sense, but... dang. I would not have predicted that.

But considering the fact that Sony/Lionsgate was planning hardcore for a complete reboot of the franchise, I can't say that I'm sorry they lost.

At least Pacifico was already involved with TSCC...

The most obvious scenario would've been for WB Studios to get the winning bid, but they didn't even get their toes in the water. /:|

Here's to hoping! Pacifico, I know you got some TSCC fans, right?!?

Crybaby said...

It looks like Sony and Lionsgate are trying to get their hands on the future Terminator movies anyway...

fig-aruna said...

Yeah, I just saw that... which makes me sigh a little bit because reps for those two companies have been quoted as wanting to do a complete and total reboot of the franchise...which means they have little/no interest/knowledge of TSCC.

But just because they don't know now doesn't mean we can't bring it to them, and BRING IT HARD, WE WILL!!


*shakes fists!*

Crybaby said...

I don't know what to think... but maybe another round of the Save Sarah campaign could help ;)

Anonymous said...

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