13 April 2010

Quick update about Game of Thrones

From Winter is Coming we learn that HBO gave some details about the Game of Thrones pilot, they're reshooting some scenes, but nothing major, probably also due to the fact that one of the actresses, Jennifer Ehle, was replaced. Nothing has been said about the possible air date, so no changes there!! The wait won't be longer :)
Here's what HBO president has said: 
The David Simon and Eric Overmeyer series will resume production in the fall with season two debuting next spring — about the time another upcoming project, Game of Thrones, will be ready to hit the air. They should be ready about the same time. [...] [The pilot] looks beautiful, the compelling scripts are just fantastic, we’re doing reshoots but nothing major. The show is there.
Shooting of the first season starts in June/July in Northern Ireland and the show should air on HBO in spring 2011. 


fig-aruna said...

I'm so excited for this, it doesn't even make sense D:D:D:

On another note, thanks so much for keeping up this blog, crybaby! It's a GEM!! <3

--cdfish from YT :)

Crybaby said...

Thank you so much cdfish, see you on YT! ;)

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