30 May 2011

Game Of Thrones: Interview with Mark Addy

Here is an excerpt of an interview Mark Addy had with Access Hollywood.

Despite their on-screen distance, he was also close with Lena Headey, who plays Robert's wife-turned-widow, Queen Cersei Lannister.

One of the most intriguing scenes of the season paired Addy and Headey as Robert and Cersei, where the two talked about what went wrong in their marriage and what could have been.

"Lena and I got on like a house on fire," Addy told Access. "We absolutely adore each other, so it was terrific to have a scene where I wasn't snarling, 'Be quiet woman!' at her, and to get -- from our point of view as actors -- to get to explore a little bit more of what these characters are on a maybe a slightly more personal level than the image that they presented as 'The Monarchy'... was intriguing. That was a scene that [Producers and writers] David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] created... It was fantastic to have something like that to play and to really plunge the depths of who these people are."

Check out the whole interview here.


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