14 May 2011

News: Lena to appear on White Collar!

From Lena's official Facebook page really exciting news: Lena will appear in an upcoming episode of USA network's White Collar! Piper Perabo's show Covert Affairs is also on the USA Network... maybe there's hope!!! Let's keep our fingers crossed and in the meantime read all about the appearance on White Collar:
Lena Headey, who plays Queen Cersei on HBO's Game of Thrones, is extending her reign to the USA Network, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.

On Friday, USA cast Headey in an upcoming episode of the action-drama White Collar. She'll play Sally, a skilled hacker suspected of a major cyber crime who "gets close" to Mozzie (Willie Garson). Gets close? Does this mean what we think it means? Will Mozzie finally get some love? [...]

Headey's character will not appear in the same episode as Hudson. There's no word yet if she'll appear as a brunette -- as she's done during most of her career and in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- or if she will sport her blonde Game of Thrones look.
Btw, I hope she will sport her natural brunette look xDD

Source: Lena's Facebook & TV Guide


Anonymous said...

maybe we should pepper USA Network's email with a request to have Lena on Covert Affairs!!! And yes yes yes to the brunette hair! She totally rocks as a brunette!!!

CB said...

Hey! That's a great idea!!! We should give it a shot!! ^^ It would be totally awesome to see them together again!! :) We might have to wait though, I don't know if shooting for season 2 of CA has already ended... anyway if you have any suggestion, get in touch! ;)

Now that I think about it I like her with red hair too! ;P And as brunette she totally rocks I agree!!

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