20 May 2011

New message from Lena

Lena tells us a bit about how the shooting for White Collar is going, she's almost done there in New York! I love that she said she should open her own florist's shop! :D
About to finish white collar ep. Those FBI folk have been pretty sweet to this out of towner. I am still shit at computers and I doubt that my hacking is much improved .... Guess I'm just gonna have to open my own florists ... And let go my dreams of hacking and exposing corporate criminals.... New York has been cold and rainy and delightfully warm... On Monday it was torrential and we were outside and any vision of glamour was truly washed away .. I look not unlike a soggy slightly bewildered angry badger .. GORGEOUS !!!! I hear you cry ... Not so much
Hope you guys are doing all good ... I fly home to la in the morning .. Cannot wait to see the blondies ...


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