25 May 2011

Game of Thrones Review

An excerpt about Lena's performance as Cersei from a review of episode 6:
Not that I'm condoning violence against women, how much did you hate Cersei this week!?
Carissa P: Honestly, just when you get a little compassion for the wench she goes off on those lies again. Frankly, I would have punched her. Skipped the slap altogether. Of course, I'm a woman, so it's allowed
Jim G: THIS is the Cersei from the book! For those who have not read the book, this is the b!tch we all loath and want to slap more often than not. I will give credit to Lena Headey, she did a fantastic job making us all want to smack her senseless.
Dan F: I don't think she was in it enough to really get me to hate her just yet.  With no background from the book, she just seemed a bit bitchy, rather than someone I really hated.  That being said she did have those slaps - and apparently Carissa's punch - coming to her.
Eric H: Exactly like Jim said it.  We're finally starting to see the Cersei from the book that drove us all nuts.  The beautiful Lena Headey has just made this character too likable until now.
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