26 April 2012

GoT: A Week Without Cersei...

Well, for the first time there was an episode of Game Of Thrones with no Cersei in it. That means no new screencaps. No new Lena pics. How depressing! After all, a week without Cersei is like a week without sunshine...coffee. I guess we'll have to make our own...
Warning: This is a Fake Tweet on Fake Twitter Accounts
(click under the picture to enlarge, click it again to make it even bigger)

Update: It has been brought to my attention that the 'click under the picture to enlarge' option does not work in Internet Explorer's web browser. So the small print is hard to read even when you 'click ON the picture' to open. So sorry. I have added a close-up of the Fake Tweet. I hope it is easier to read.


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