11 April 2012

Lena Responds to Fans on Facebook

Lena Headey:
Yes my specs are from le target... Ha!
And yes let the peeps of our page decide on my twitter pic..
...As you can see my "tweets" ?? Are hardly free flowing...
Yet I would never abandon you sweet bookers..
source: Lena's official Facebook page (April 10, 2012)
If you haven't been following the conversation... Here's the gist of it:
One of her 'sweet bookers' posted the comment guessing that Lena bought the Easter Bunny glasses that she's wearing in the pictured posted on her Twitter page from the store, Target.
(*check out the picture in question in the post titled 'Lena Twitpics' from April 10th, 2012)
Another person posted in the comment section that Lena should have a contest and let her fans post their favorite photo of Lena. Then she (Lena) could pick the winner and use it as her Twitter profile photo.
The last bit about not abandoning her 'sweet bookers'...
Someone else posted, "Don't forget us on FB. UR way 2 funny 2 B restricted 2 140 characters!!! ; )"
Truer words have never been spoken. I find the way Lena talks/writes hilarious!


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