26 July 2012

DREDD: Karl Urban Interview

Okay, taking a step back from Lena's personal business, 'cause frankly it made me feel icky.

Check out this interview Karl Urban gave where he heaps praise on Lena's performance as Madeline “Ma-Ma” Madrigal.
Karl Urban:
“I think there is a scary, beautiful, violent, way off-beat, amazing performance that Lena has delivered in this film. She’s enigmatic. You’re drawn to her when she’s on the screen. The choices that she made were so interesting,” Urban said.

“I have to confess, there was one day we were shooting the scene where I’m confronting her and we’re at opposite ends of the room and I’ve got my helmet on looking at her and she’s looking at me. And she just starts laughing, manically laughing. And I just feel within me the rage growing. She is that (expletive) good. She knows how to push your buttons.”
Click on Movie Fanatic to go to their website and read the entire interview.


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