23 December 2012

Fan Video: I am Addicted L E N A

I am Addicted L E N A (HD) by AdmiringSigh

(Music: I'm Addicted by Madonna)

"Celebrating 20 years of Lena Headey. I am looking forward to 20 years more."

Wanted to make a true Lena Headey Tribute. So thank You so very, very much, Miss Headey for giving 20 years of pure joy, entertainment and inspiration to me and I am sure it's not only to me! This one counts for all Lenaholics....

Last but not least: A scream goes out to My Muse!
Pull up a chair for this one, its totally fucking awesome!!!! And if you can name all the clips used, congratulations, you are a master level Lenaholic!


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