25 June 2011

New Facebook Note (24/06/2011)

Yet another message from Lena, yay!!! She's totally hilarious!! xD And she tells us that the project she's working on will be revealed by Christmas, uff! ;P
This is gonna sound like I live the high life .. My pal took me to the Korean spa today... For those of you who haven't been .. ITS NOT A LUXURY spa ... These strong tiny women scrub you from head to toe until you have tears in your eyes and the skin of a baby mouse ... ( baby mouse sounded less weird in my head) .... Anyways it was another treat ... Swimming... spa's .... Anyone would think I didn't have a job to go to ... I DON'T ..... not yet :(
Even with the scrubbing it was a throughly enjoyable giggly experience .. When I was standing in the changing rooms with my scraggly hair and red sauna face digging into my locker for my pants .... A lovely lady said " are you the queen in game of thrones " .... " errr yes " I replied ... Standing in my baby mouse skin ... HOW DID SHE KNOW !!!! Funny and slightly embarrassing. ...
Anyone ELSE who wants to share naked stories ... COME ON ITS FRIDAY ...
Wishing you a happy/drunk/dirty/peaceful weekend...
Ps. My "" project" will be revealed by christmas ... Ah ha !! Patience face bookers ( it's a shitty virtue I know )


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