28 June 2011

Tubey Awards

Now you can vote for Lena at the Tubey Awards too! Here's a list of all the categories you can vote either Lena or GoT in (thanks J.!), if you're too lazy to vote them all (voting is not made that quick... ¬ ¬) you can just vote for Lena in the category "Favorite Actress"! :)
  1. Best New Show (GoT)
  2. Best Drama (GoT)
  3. Favorite Actor (GoT)
  4. Least Favorite Actress (Lena is nominated here too... ¬ ¬)
  5. Supporting Actor/Actress Most Deserving of a Starring Role (GoT)
  6. Favorite Actress
  7. Best Performance By An Inanimate Object (GoT)
  8. Best HoYay! Couple (GoT)
  9. Best Romantic Relationship (Cersei/Jaime)
  10. Worst Romantic Relationship (Cersei/Jaime)
  11. Best Non-Romantic Friendship (GoT)
  12. Best Family Relationship (GoT)
  13. Worst Crime Against Fashion (Cersei's hair - I have to agree on this...)
  14. Most Egregious Product Placement (GoT)
Click here to vote!! 
And don't forget to vote for the Portal Awards too! ;)


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