11 January 2012

Lena's Latest Facebook Message

Lena Headey:
Ok.. I'm late I know... Clearly my resolution for punctuality and organization is already on the list again for next year... So. A very prosperous and healthy 2012 (I seem to remember buck rogers mentioning 2012 way back when 2012 seemed like the craziest space age notion i ever heard) to you good fellas.. Don't the last few years feel to have been full of change and challenge..? Don't they??!.... No? Just me then..
Well. 2012 WILL be a faboosh year for all of us.
Home (the uk) was a festive delight. My mum cooked up a storm and I ate the storm with relish. I devoured so much cheap and wonderful sugary chocolate that I felt sick but happy. My dad is S L O W L Y getting used to the iPad. It was nice to wear a sweater and boots and a coat.. I love me some layering. I don't wanna moan about constant sun.. BUT.. SOMETIMES IT'S REALLY BLOODY DULL.. Sometimes a windy rainy day is a all you want.. To curl up in front of the tv and hear rain thundering on the roof... Told ya.. It's the simple things.

Acceptance (this is the tricky one)

All love


Source: Lena's Official Facebook Page (January 10, 2012)


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